How to Meditate with a Pauri?

What is a Pauri?

A Pauri is one of the verses of the Japji Sahib. The Japji Sahib is the first poem given by Guru Nanak in the XVth century. In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, we start our morning group sadhana by reciting the Japji.

Reciting the entire Japji daily will balance all aspects of yourself and activate your soul. You may also choose to recite each PAURI 11 times a day for 40 days to work on a particular facet.

I invented and designed the PAURI charms and PAURI malas as a tool to count the 11 repetitions of the Pauri. The best to recite them is to open and close the space as we do in a Kundalini yoga class but if you cannot you can also recite your Pauri 11 times during your day when you have a moment. This is why I designed the PAURI Charms and Malas as beautiful accessories you can bring with you along your day, as necklaces, keychains or hanged on your bag!

The effect of each Pauri

Below you can find the different aspects you can work on with the Pauris and here you can find the Pauris and their pronunciation. Enjoy!

  • The MUL MANTRA removes fate and changes the destiny to prosperity
  • 1st PAURI gives knowledge and ecstasy of God; is an antidote to depression
  • 2nd PAURI imparts patience and stability
  • 3rd PAURI turns insufficiency into sufficiency, depression into elevation and low self-esteem into self-confidence
  • 4th PAURI breaks through the trap of feeling poor or without means
  • 5th PAURI grants success when you have a sense of failure within yourself and do not feel up to a job
  • 6th PAURI dispels limitations, traps and coercion
  • 7th PAURI transforms greed for power, control and territory
  • 8th PAURI gives the power to be a perfect sage
  • 9th PAURI gives expansion
  • 10th PAURI grants grace
  • 11th PAURI gives virtues
  • 12th PAURI gives solidarity of self, self-impressiveness and self-respect, when you feel small
  • 13th PAURI develops intuition and gives knowledge of Infinity
  • 14th PAURI shows you your path, direction and destiny in life
  • 15th PAURI brings liberation
  • 16th PAURI gives knowledge of the structure of universe
  • 17th PAURI brings freedom and resurrection
  • 18th PAURI fights madness, deep feelings of inferiority and self-destructive behavior
  • 19th PAURI brings universal knowledge, inspiration and revelation
  • 20th PAURI wipes away all your misdeeds
  • 21st PAURI maintains your status, grace and position
  • 22nd PAURI gives you strategy and brings victory in legal battles
  • 23rd PAURI dispels darkness and elevates the self
  • 24th PAURI breaks through all limitations with the force of a thunderbolt ~ has the power to eliminate misfortune for generations
  • 25th PAURI pre-fulfills all your needs.  Prosperity, virtue, estate and wealth are yours without asking
  • 26th PAURI transforms nothing into everything.  Banishes losses, misfortunes and miseries
  • 27th PAURI shows you the way when you are stuck ~ removes obstacles and hurdles
  • 28th PAURI unites you with God
  • 29th PAURI is a shield of protection from enemies.  It vaporizes animosity towards you
  • 30th PAURI places you upon the throne of divinity ~ makes you a sage and a saint
  • 31st PAURI pulls all virtues from the heavens
  • 32nd PAURI pays your debts and completes your karma
  • 33rd PAURI destroys your ego and brings forth your divinity.  It removes negativity, neutralizes your destructive nature
  • 34th PAURI brings stability
  • 35th PAURI gives you the capacity to do your duty and fulfill your responsibility
  • 36th PAURI brings divine realization.  It grants complete understanding of the Heavens and the Earth.
  • 37th PAURI cuts karma and eliminates the impact of all bad karmas
  • 38th PAURI gives you the power to rewrite your own destiny
  • The SHALOK brings self-satisfaction, elevation, acknowledgement and respect

Copyright: The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

From SATNAMA with light,

Stéphanie – Daspriya Kaur