My Story

Hello! I’m Stéphanie and my spiritual name is Daspriya Kaur. I was born in France, my parents in Madagascar, my grand-parents in Mauritius while my great-grand parents were from the South of China !

I grew up with different cultures and had the chance to travel since a very young age. The travel bug didn’t live me and at my 15th birthday I started to travel alone always finding excuses to do so, studies, work etc! That’s how I fell in love with the different cultures and the people. It is while travelling that I got to see the most beautiful side of the humankind, I’ll never forget the smiles and the hands given out to me when I needed them.

Therefore I oriented my studies and career towards International Organizations and NGOs, this led me to an internship with the United Nations in Ecuador. It is there that I first met yoga in 2009. I was amazed by this powerful practice that could contain my emotional ups and downs and could give me this inner peace. I left Ecuador with this valuable tool and went on with my travels and career, practicing Hatha and Vinyassa yoga wherever I went.

It is in 2013 while I was working in the Netherlands that I first heard the world Kundalini yoga. It was pronounced by a fellow rock climber (rock climbing was my passion even before yoga!) whom I admired for his fearlessness. Soon after I left the Netherlands for Mallorca as I was desperately missing mountains to climb and Mallorca is a climbers’ paradise! I tried many yoga classes before I stumbled on a blackboard mentioning Kundalini Yoga classes.

I tried it, was first a little put off by the practice but connected immediately with the teacher. I went to more classes and after 3 or 4 I reached a state of inner peace and bliss I’ve never experienced before during a meditation. I knew then there was something special about kundalini yoga and that it was my path.


I did my Teacher training in 2016 not because I wanted to teach but only because I wanted to know more about this powerful technology. One thing led to another, friends asked me to give them regular classes and I’ve been gratefully teaching to everybody since then.

SATNAMA came to me during a meditation. I’ve been through dark times during my youth and every day I can see people struggling to find inner peace, happiness, self-realization, fighting with their own darkness. I understood that my path in this life is to Light Up the inner light that everybody has in them, even if it is one by one. Kundalini yoga brought me a lot, I can’t even put words to describe the extent of it, but if I have to chose one that would be HAPPINESS. All I want to do with SATNAMA is to Light Up your inner light so that you too can discover that you already have everything inside you, happiness, vitality, power, peace, serenity, you just have to learn how to reach it, and this is the magic of Kundalini Yoga!

I intend to do so through my classes, but also with the gemstones Malas and other jewellery I knot. I’ve always felt a strong connection with stones, as a child I was collecting them as precious treasures wherever I went, so knotting Malas was a natural way of combining both my passions to reach other souls. I knot every Japa Mala by hand, infusing a mantra and lots of Love and Light! I designed and knotted personalized mala for people around me and the feedback I receive from them encouraged me to go out there and spread my mala, love and light to the whole world!

What do SATNAMA and the logo mean?

SATNAMA comes from:

  • Sat Nam which is the way we greet each other in Kundalini Yoga. Sat means Truth and Nam Identity, by greeting each other this way we remind ourselves we are not just our egos and mind, but we are also a pure soul.
  • SAT are also the initials of my name Stéphanie Ah Tchou
  • MA stands for Mallorca, Madagascar and Mauritius. It also means the Moon to which I particularly relate and the capacity to regenerate.

The centre of the logo can represent a flame, light a lit-up candle, a drop of water or two hands joined together. Combined with the infinity symbol below it can represent a person sitting in easy-pose (cross-legged position). The circle represents the moon, the universe and the unity.

You will find the “drop” on all my handmade jewellery.

I really hope I’ll be able to Light you Up one way or another, don’t hesitate to contact me, in English, Spanish or French!

From SATNAMA with Light,

Stéphanie – Daspriya Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level I Certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) , IKYTA (Internacional Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association),  Yoga Alliance Founding Member / AEKY (Asociación Española de Kundalini Yoga). Training done with Gurudass Kaur, Sat Nishan Kaur, Siri Vedya Kaur, Karta Singh with Shunia Yoga in 2016, thank you!

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level II Module “Stress and Vitality”, 2017 with Jiwan Mukta Singh and Sara Avtar Kaur, thank you!